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Build a Sustainable Organization

  • Build Organizational Capability
    • Increase revenue
    • Increase diversity of revenue sources, including public/ government
    • Lower construction procurement costs
    • Maintain fundraising expenses at ≤9% of total expenses
  • Improve Systems and Processes
    • Leverage technology and collaboration tools to build capacity and knowledge
    • Improve Board effectiveness by aligning board member skills and capabilities with organizational needs
    • Provide training and tools for employees
    • Leverage relationships with Habitat affiliates to increase skills and capabilities
    • Update, standardize and automate work processes and systems
    • Shift organization focus from output to outcomes and impact
    • Measure effectiveness and sustainability of operations
    • Become an anti-racist organization
    • Improve internal communication processes and access to data
    • Maintain organizational and financial transparency

Build Community Impact

  • Improve Systems and Processes
    • Acquire and maintain a land bank sufficient for 3-5 years of inventory
    • Balance new construction and renovation/revitalization efforts to maximize community impact
    • Optimize and promote resiliency program and techniques to lessen impact of future disasters on affordable housing
    • Collaborate with other agencies on initiatives to improve quality of life for low-income, senior, disabled and veteran populations
    • Evaluate expansion of services to increase credibility, visibility and impact
  • Double annual number of new homeowners
    • Increase number of new homeowners to 40 annually

Build Sector Impact

  • Improve Systems and Processes
    • Continue revitalization efforts in targeted neighborhoods
    • Engage with local, state and national leaders to address Houston’s affordable housing needs
    • Achieve “leading voice” status within the affordable housing sector, helping shape the communities we serve
  • Develop Robins Landing
    • Execute innovative, replicable community development model

Build Societal Impact

  • Build Organizational Capacity
    • Leverage connection between inequities housing with those in education and health to advance affordable housing issues
    • Advocate against racial inequities in affordable housing
    • Broaden and deepen opportunities for volunteer engagement