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Helping families like Jennifer’s build a healthy and beautiful future

Families across America have adjusted their living situations to accommodate the pandemic. But, when overcrowding exists at home, it isn’t easy to socially distance.

Jennifer and her son have been living with her family. While she is grateful to have a place to stay, Jennifer recognizes that they need more space. She is currently sharing a room with her son, and there are six others in the household.

During this pandemic, our homes are also our offices, schools, and places of worship. And privacy is scarce when you’re living in an overcrowded household.

“My son is a young boy that will soon become a teenager, and one day, a young man that needs his own space to grow.”

Like many of our Houston Habitat families, Jennifer sees homeownership as a foundation for her family’s success. “Having our own home would be more than a dream come true; it would give me and my son the opportunity to live a healthy life and build a better future.”

Jennifer and her son will move into their beautiful new Houston Habitat home before the end of the year.


If you missed our virtual luncheon you can still view it here.

Funds raised will help Houston Habitat’s continued work to ensure everyone has a decent, safe place to call home.

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