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It doesn’t matter if you are an individual or part of a group.  Volunteer with Houston Habitat to help make decent, affordable shelter possible for more Houston families!  Whether homebuilding alongside future homeowners, helping with community projects, or assisting staff and customers at a ReStore, your generous investment of time empowers families to achieve strength, stability and self-reliance so they can stand on their own and build bright futures.

Your health and safety are important to us

COVID 19 Safety Protocols at the Construction Site- Updated 12.16.22

  1. To facilitate appropriate social distancing on the site we will limit the number of persons on the site to the following:
    • 20 volunteers
    • 2 Family Partners
    • 2 Habitat Construction Staff
    • 2 Core Volunteer
  1. Volunteers that register for events acknowledge they do not have any symptoms of concern nor have been in contact with anyone with symptoms or a positive COVID 19 test in the 10 days prior
  2. Handwashing stations where available.
  3. Outdoor Mask Policy – Masks are optional.
  4. Indoor Mask Policy – Masks are optional
  5. Bathrooms or portable facilities will be sanitized prior to the start of the day and periodically throughout the day
  6. Gloves, eye protection, and masks are available for use. Reusable equipment will be sanitized after use.

COVID 19 Safety Protocols at the Garden and ReStore

The above policy also applies to volunteering at the ReStores and community gardens. The volunteer limits for those opportunities will remain the same.

If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to reach out to

Thank you and stay safe!

Volunteer Code of Conduct

We expect all our volunteers to adhere to our Volunteer Code of Conduct.

Volunteer Code of Conduct

Court Ordered Volunteers/Community Supervision

Houston Habitat is currently not accepting Court Ordered Volunteers (COVs) at this time. As such, we will not be able to sign any paperwork from the courts. We will, however, be able to provide a signed memo stating your total hours or hours in a time period and volunteer activity description. Volunteer at one of our events then submit your records request.

If you need a record of your hours, then please submit your request at with your name and the date range you would like the record to show. Let us know if you need additional information on the memo.