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our community

Neighborhood Revitalization is a holistic approach that expands Houston Habitat’s traditional partnerships with new homeowners and volunteers to include neighbors and local organizations so that we can make a far greater impact in the neighborhoods that we serve. While home construction continues to play a vital role, a bigger toolbox that includes repairs and other services allows Habitat to serve more families.

We began in Houston’s 5th Ward in 2001 by repairing existing homes in the neighborhood and building 14 new homes through a NSP partnership with HUD and the City of Houston. Since then, in addition to home building and repair, we have completed neighborhood clean-up and beautification projects, supported the area’s community garden, helped to maintain a historic cemetery and much more.

In 2018, we expanded our support of Houston’s historic Settegast, a neighborhood in which Houston Habitat had previously built many homes on blighted land with delinquent taxes reclaimed by the City of Houston. Not only have we built more new homes (bringing the total number of homes built in the neighborhood to almost 50), we have repaired numerous homes damaged by Hurricane Harvey and partnered with residents to host a neighborhood reunion and start a community garden. We look forward to serving even more, hand in hand with community residents, for the good of the neighborhood.